TheCourse™ for Project Management


Offering TheCourse Online

The online version of TheCourse is available under contract to colleges and universities for a flat price of $495 per student. The draft Agreement is available in MS Word format and PDF format. Complete the Call Me form to start or continue a dialog.


1. Students have one year to complete preparation for the PMP certification and pass the PMP exam. Upon receipt of cetification, they become lifetime members of PMP Forever, and have permanent access to the course materials and the complete online library to improve their project management skills and to earn Professional Development Units at no cost.

2. We will maintain the online version of TheCourse, our test engine and question bank, student library and other tutorials.

Your access.

If you enter into this Agreement, you will be assigned a user ID and password for accessing the administrative features of web site, using the 'College Login' button. The options are:

  1. Add student. A form is provided for entering student information by keying or pasting. Enter the student name as it will appear on the certificate; e.g., Joe W. Blow, Jr.
  2. Get student information. This supports retrieval of information on your project management students only.
  3. Check quiz grades. TheCourse consists of 16 segments, and each is followed by a quiz. Your students' grades are available, showing their progression through the segments and their quiz scores.

When a prospective student wants more information . . .

Send your candidate students to This is a page on our primary web site, and you are encouraged to visit it. It provides general information emphasizing the permanence of student access, syllabus, an Online Information Session about project management, a course demo and a test engine demo.

Our process.

When a new student is added:

  1. An email is automatically sent to the student by our server with id and password, and instructions for accessing the online course and downloading the test engine.
  2. We will instruct the student by email how to get started, and communicate with the instructor.
  3. We send a text and a set of workbooks to the student, usually by USPS.
  4. We will respond to student questions and comments via our bulletin board, email or telephone.

When the student has completed the course, we will notify you. We will send our certificate to the student, which identifies TheCourse in Project Management Institute terms. It can be used in the event of audit to confirm that the student took TheCourse. You may send your own certificate and/or grant continuing education credits, in accordance with your policies.


We mail material to students at once following registration - the same day if the registration is received by noon, or the next day at the latest. If a cancellation occurs within one week, we will accept it and invoice just $150 for the material. Cancellations will not be accepted after one week.

For your catalog or web site, paraphrase these paragraphs.

TheCourse™ for Project Management is a 56-hour PMP prep course that PMI has rated 95.63%, vs. their average rating of all providers of 86.12%.  It is revised every four years to correspond to the latest edition of PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), currently 5th-edition, and the revised PMP exam. It is also revised when PMI completes a new Role Delineation Study, documenting the actual practices of project managers, and revises the exam accordingly. That has occurred midway between the last two PMBOK releases, effectively resulting in a two-year cycle of exam and course changes.  A prep course is often the student's first, and perhaps the only, formal education in project management.  Moreover, the subject is continually evolving, as indicated by the frequent revisions.  TheCourse is designed to address these realities and enable its students to gain and maintain advanced knowledge of their profession.

Students receive a one-year license to the online course material consisting of 16 multi-media presentations, an online library of more than 100 academic papers and tutorials on technical terms that have appeared in the last four editions of PMBOK, specific homework assignments, and a test engine with some 700 exam-like questions.  The test engine, designed to look and operate like the PMP exam, is downloaded for installation on the student’s computer.

Hard copy course material mailed to the student consists of a copy of the current PMBOK, workbooks containing copies of the online presentations and exam-like questions pertaining to the presentations, and an Answer Book with answers, citations and explanations to the questions.

Upon certification, students are eligible for our membership program, giving them permanent access to our online course materials.   Thus the student continues to learn and to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), which are required to maintain certification.  This is a unique feature of TheCourse.

Norris Goff, developer of TheCourse curriculum and materials, is the principal instructor for online students. Norris has been a project manager since about 1965, at which time he was employed by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Projects he managed include the New York City Off-Track Betting System and the US Department of Agriculture nationwide integrated system, each costing some $500 million in current dollars. He developed Guidelines for Project Management for CSC, circa 1970. He has published numerous articles in professional journals, and in 1975 wrote the US Government Guidelines for benchmarking computers, FIPS PUB 42. In recent years, prior to developing TheCourse in 2001, he was a contract project manager.

Norris has an MBA from Southeastern University and an undergraduate degree in Data Processing Management. He is certified by Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

About the Ed2Go PMP prep program

If you are tempted to offer the ed2go online PMP prep program, we encourage you to compare their demo and our demo, and to make both available to prospective students side by side on your web site. Their course material consists of text to be read on the screen. Three ed2go courses are required to cover the exam material, including a 'basic project management' course covering Earned Value and other critical material. Each of the three courses is on a fixed schedule.

Ed2go students will have to purchase PDU courses every three years to maintain their certification. Choosy schools will prefer TheCourse™ for Project Management.