Virtual Team?

How would you like to have a heart transplant by a doctor in Delhi while you are in your own bedroom in the good ol' US of A? An exaggeration of course, but read what Dr. Satava predicts.

An article by Colonel Richard M. Satava, MD at Walter Reed Army Medical Center describes it thusly: "The centerpiece is telepresence surgery, with the surgical workstation. The workstation contains a 3-D video display, stereophonic audio input, and hand controllers with multisensory input and dexterous manipulation. When seated at the workstation, the surgeon has the illusion of having an open surgical procedure directly in front of him. By grasping the instrument handles of the controller the surgeon controls a remote surgical manipulator identical to the instrument in his hand, capable of performing accurate, dexterous procedures in a place distant from the surgical workstation. In this fashion, a surgeon can perform surgical procedures with all the convincing realism as if the patient were directly in front of him."

Dr. Satava subsequently was a professor of surgery at University of Washington; perhaps still is.

The Surgical Workstation

The Surgeon
Why the masks?

The Scalpel