Matrix Diagram

Concept: Link characteristics of items such as people, places, events, and ideas.

Purpose: Organize data in a chart form so that data may be compared and relationships identified.


  • Determine what data will be compared.
  • Assist students in brainstorming for any possible items and characteristics that may be compared and record the information on the chalkboard or on a piece of bulletin board paper as students record the information in their science journals.
  • Identify or select the data that the class will investigate and write the first set along the vertical axis of the matrix and the second set along the horizontal axis of the matrix.
  • Draw in grid lines.
  • Determine what symbols/words will be used to show the value/rating of the relationships between the data; for example: S = strong relationship; M = moderate relationship; W = weak relationship and N = no relationship.
  • Create a legend.
  • Enter the appropriate symbol into each box.
Matrix Example

Content Areas Rewards
Satisfaction Bigger House
PMP Certification S S S M
Age M M N M
Marital Status N N M M
Attitude M M S N

S strong relationship
M moderate relationship
W weak relationship
N no relationship