TheCourse™ for Project Management


The Licensing Program

The classroom edition of TheCourse for Project Management is available for license to colleges, beginning with the 5th-edition. As of June 1, 2013, all states in the US are available except California, Virginia and the District of Columbia. California colleges can inquire about sublicense from California State University by contacting Dean Michael Schroder,

Our draft Agreement is available in MS Word format and PDF format. Complete the Call Me form to initiate or continue a dialog.


1. All classroom students will have a one-year license to the online version of TheCourse. They can make up missed classes and they can repeat the online couse to prepare for the exam.

2. Upon receipt of certification, students will become members of PMP Forever with lifetime access to the online library to improve their project management skills and to earn Professional Development Units.

3. We will maintain the online version of TheCourse, our test engine and question bank, student library and other courses on our own server. Student access to the resources while classroom courses are in progress is necessary, as these are essential components of the course material.

The Options

1. An entrepreneural continuing education department can make money by negotiating a flat price for a state or other large territory, and have exclusive rights to conduct the classroom version throughout the territory, including open enrollment, contract classes and sublicensing TheCourse to others.

2. As an alternative, our draft agreement provides for payment of $300 per student. This option enables licensees to 'test the water' without payment until they have revenue from TheCourse.

3. Individual colleges may be able to obtain a license for their own use, either from the territory licensee or directly from us.

When a prospective student wants more information . . .

Send your candidate students to This is a page on our primary web site, and you are encouraged to visit it. It provides general information the syllabus, an Online Information Session about project management, a course demo and a test engine demo.

Course structure

TheCourse was written to be conducted in 16 4-and-a-half segments. The most extensive experience has been at Virginia Tech, where we conducted TheCourse three times annually -fall, winter & spring - at Falls Church and other campuses. Each time, it was conducted over eight classes, scheduled 9 to 5, with a one-hour lunch period. We have also conducted dozens of classes at contractors, usually on weekdays, using the same format. Contract classes have also been conducted after hours, usually Tues & Thurs, over eight weeks.

For your catalog or web site, paraphrase these paragraphs

This course (TheCourse™) was developed, maintained and is conducted by a Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute (PMI®). It is registered with PMI as a 56-hour course, surpassing their 35-hour requirement, and pre-approved by PMI to prepare students for certification as Project Management Professionals (PMP®). Course materials include PMI's Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Current Edition (PMBOK®, currently 5th edition), workbooks tailored for TheCourse, and TheTest™, a Test Engine containing several hundred exam-like questions, to download and use on your own computer. TheCourse teaches the core competencies of project management. It covers the five process groups and ten knowledge areas of PMBOK, the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct, and a review of general management topics known to be in the PMP examination. Project management is an evolving profession, and employers are increasingly requiring that their project managers be certified. Copy the logos from this site.

PMI rates PMP prep courses, and the average rating is 86.12%. PMI gave the classroom version of TheCourse for Project Management a perfect rating of 100%.

Norris Goff, developer of TheCourse curriculum and materials, is the principal instructor for online students. Norris has been a project manager since about 1965, at which time he was employed by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Projects he managed include the New York City Off-Track Betting System and the US Department of Agriculture nationwide integrated system, each costing some $500 million in current dollars. He developed Guidelines for Project Management for CSC, circa 1970. He has published numerous articles in professional journals, and in 1975 wrote the US Government Guidelines for benchmarking computers, FIPS PUB 42. In recent years, prior to developing TheCourse in 2001, he was a contract project manager.

Norris has an MBA from Southeastern University and an undergraduate degree in Data Processing Management. He is certified by Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional (PMP).


The material supplied to each of our classroom students include a copy of PMBOK, purchased from the PMI bookstore or other sources and three workbook volumes totalling about 550 pages. Our licensees will receive:

    1. PowerPoint slides for classroom presentation and
    2. PDF copies of the workbooks

We will also grant instructors access to the online edition of TheCourse to assist in preparation for teaching. That web site contains a PDF copy of the online workbooks, which in turn contain the voice script for the online edition of TheCourse. Instructors may download and print them if they wish.

Our total cost for materials, including PMBOK, is about $150 per student. Licensees have the option of requiring students to purchase their own copies of PMBOK, and downloading workbooks from our server. I am available at to answer other questions.