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About University Learning Institute

University Learning Institute, Ltd. (ULI) is a family business, established in 2002 by Nancy and Norris Goff.

We are a member of the cadre of Registered Education Providers established by Project Management Institute (PMI) to prepare project managers to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. The REP logo above is displayed by members of that cadre. It signifies that TheCourseā„¢ curriculum and materials are current with the global standard for project management certification, have been reviewed by PMI and received their blessing.

Over the course of the last ten years, we have prepared thousands of project managers, working for the US Government and several hundred firms of every variety, to pass the PMP certification exam. If you aren't familiar with PMP certification, you should visit the Online Information Session from the Course Materials page.

About PMBOK®

PMI's Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is the 'standard' on which a majority of the exam questions are based. It is substantially updated every four years by volunteers who are given wide latitude to revise it as they see fit, to the degree that course material must be re-developed to correspond to the new PMBOK. As a practical matter, students need to take the edition of the course that corresponds to the current edition of the exam.

PMBOK 5th-edition was released early in 2013, and the corresponding exam will be effective August 1. Our first 5th-edition class is scheduled for completion June 8.

About the Author of TheCourse

I am Norris Goff, author of TheCourse for Project Management. I've been a project manager in the computer industry since about 1965, when I was at Computer Sciences Corporation. My biggest projects were the New York City Offtrack Betting System and the US Department of Agriculture national network, and I've had other projects in Germany, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. I have an MBA from Southeastern University and an udergraduate degree in Data Processing Management. I have developed and conducted a number of academic courses at Strayer College (now Strayer University) and USDA Graduate School (now Graduate School USA).

I have published numerous articles in professional journals, and wrote the US National Bureau of Standards Guidelines for Benchmarking computer equipment, FIPS PUB 42-1. Here is a link to one of tne of the publications, in pdf format, concerning Off Track Betting Technology.

I founded University Learning Institute in 2002 and serve as its CEO. I developed and maintain TheCourse for Project Management. I've personally conducted the course 70 times in open enrollment classes at Virginia Tech and throughout the US Government and its contractors, and provide supervision to other instructors.


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