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Project Management Professional (PMP) continues to be the certification in greatest demand throughout the U.S. More than 50,000 project managers were certified as PMPs annually since 2002. Every one of them had to take a prep course.

This site introduces TheCourse™ for Project Management to our prospective licensees in higher education. Link to Background for a brief history of TheCourse. This Adobe Captivate presentation returns you to this page when it finishes.

In time, our licensees will dominate their markets for PMP certification prep . . .

The Evaluation and Course Completion Notice that follows was received January 17, 2014 from an online student registered by Ohio State University. For the student's privacy, I deleted a letter from the email address.

Student Email:; Class: Online; Objectives:5; Curriculum:5; Knowledge:5; Overall:5; Length:2; Helpful:4; Quality:5; Like: I like the Aamco Story given at Virginia Tech. I like hearing your interaction with the students!; Dislike: None; Improve: None needed was a great course!

To hear the Aamco story phillips28 liked, link to Course Materials, and then to the course segment on the US Uniform Commercial Code. Skip directly to the last slide, Damages, for the Aamco story, or listen to the entire presentation.

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An unsolicited letter from another online student, this one registered by Virginia Tech:

Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 01:15:45
Mr.. Goff,

I would like to first thank you for the class that you provided and the instruction you gave in regards to project management.  I have found myself applying principles that you taught in my daily routines and can honestly say that I have been applying the theories to projects that I am currently in charge of.  I have been a PM for several years now for an ALCOA curtain wall provider, and have completed projects such as Vandenberg Hall for the U.S. Air Force base in CO. and WID on the University of Wisconsin campus, which is the leading brain stem cell research facility in the U.S.   I thought that I "knew it all" until I was a couple of chapters into your course.  There are many aspects to the profession that I didn't know or have overlooked, that I now pay more attention to.  And I thank you for that. 

Thank you again for your teachings,